>ect 3 Nick Land

// Zero, One, or Many Lands? // Uninstall Kant, Hack Deleuze with Bataille // Schizo-Death via Techno-Capital // Robo-despotism //

Nick Land’s accelerationism functioned as a line of flight, cutting through the sedimented and stifling Left and Right political discourses of the 90s and charting a cyber-capital escape route from all socio-political, psychological and biological forms of organisation.

What conceptual apparatus did Land use as a launch pad? What exactly are we supposed to be accelerating? How does Land’s writing function? and what is the link between Land and the contemporary Left Accelerationist moment?


“The Puppet Masters” by Kanal (TASK & 0(rphan) d(rift>), Radius Suck 1999)
“Digital Tsunami” by Drexciya (Harnessed the Storm 2002)
“Surge 8:1 —- 7:2” by Katasonics / KODE9 (CCRU, Nomo 1999)
“Till the World Ends” by Britney Spears (Laturbo Avedon won’t end remix)


Land (1992) Fanged Noumena (passion of the cyclone)

Land (1992) Circuitries

Land (1993) Machinic desire

Land (1994) Meltdown

Land (1999) Occultures

Land (2014) Teleoplexy

Further readings

Land (1988) Kant, capital and the prohibition of incest

Land (1993) Making it with death

Land & Plant (1994) Cyberpositive

Land (1995) Cyberrevolution

Land (1995) meat (or how to kill Oedipus in cyberspace)

Land (1999) Barker speaks

Land (1995) No future


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