>ect 4 Technology Post Heidegger

What is technology? Does it have an essence? Is its essence other than our own?

This month >ect sets out to “meditate” upon technology. In taking (another) look at one of its most influential elaborations, we attempt to recontextualise contemporary debates concerning post- and trans- humanisms, as well as revisit the ever important question: “How might we think technology differently?”

**Apologies for the crackling microphone from ~ 20:00-40:00. Despite our efforts to reduce them to instruments, our technological devices sometimes insist upon revealing themselves to us in unanticipated ways.


“_” by Nicholas Rowan
*Sample/ “Advice to Young Girls” by Inga Copeland ft. Actress
“Werkstuk” by Axel Meijer
“Crisis, What Crisis?” by Frank Bretschneider
“Dry Mountain Stream” by Kaija Saariaho
“Adaptability” by Tribes of Neurot


Martin Heidegger, “The Question Concerning Technology”
Martin Heidegger, “The Turning”
Bradley B. Onishi, “Information, Bodies, and Heidegger: Tracing Visions of the Posthuman”
Ray Brassier, “Prometheanism and its critics”





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