>ect 7 In Conversation w/ Laboria Cuboniks

>ect  interacts with a convergence of voices assembled under the pseudo-pseudonym “Laboria Cuboniks”

a year since the Manifesto’s unleashing, we attempt to accelerate Xenofeminism’s actualisation

#reinventingrationality #exploitingtheinternet #utilizingalienation #re/programminggender #facilitatingforking & & & & & &


“No More Futureless Repetition” by d-n-e (Yoneda Lemma & Donatas Tubutis)
“Morphopoietic Dream Sequences of the Childlike Empress” by Yoneda Lemma


“grab in I Dream of I Dream of Jennie explosion 12” by Dafna Ganani

Some Hyperlinks:

Xenofeminist Manifesto
Manifesto for Accelerationist Politics
Cyberfeminism: 100 Anti-Theses
“Terminator vs. Avatar: Notes on Accelerationism” by Mark Fisher
“Synthetic Genders and the Limits of Micropolitics” by Helen Hester
“Shulamith Firestone” by Stella Sandford
 “The Empire Strikes Back: A Post-Transsexual Manifesto” by Sandy Stone
A New “Stabilized” Version of the Xenofeminist Manifesto

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